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What Is it?

First, let's talk about how acne is formed. Your skin is covered with tiny hair follicles and sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil, which then, in turn, travels up the hair shaft and lubricates the skin. For a non-acne prone person, this isn't a problem. Acne is an inherited disorder of the pores, (you can thank your parents for this).

Why Do I Have It?

The acne prone person produces skin cells that are stickier, causing them to get stuck in the pore. Oil and dead skin cells then get trapped and backup into the pore, creating a plug in the skin. This plug can be open (blackhead) or closed (whitehead). The surrounding pores become irritated, bacteria (which loves to feed on excess oil and dead skin cells) develops and inflammation occurs, creating a pimple.

How Do I Get Rid of It?

At this point, you have probably tried several different acne remedies. Even though acne is a common issue, everyone with acne should not be treated the same. This is why "one size fits all" product lines such as Proactive, don't do the trick. Our method is based on the research of the late Dr. James Fulton Jr., M.D., P.H.D., and acne expert Laura Cooksey, the founder of Face Reality Acne Clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are able to help acne sufferers achieve clear skin without the use of harsh drugs like accurate, antibiotics, or topical prescriptions that wreck havoc on the skin and body. 

What To Expect

At your initial visit, Amanda will analyze your skin and determine the correct home care products and treatment plan needed to clear your skin. You will also receive supplemental information about nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle choices that could be potentially making matters worse for your skin. 


Still Have Questions?...

How Long Will It Take to Clear My Acne?

It depends on the severity of your acne. Most clients will start to see a noticeable difference the first couple of weeks after treatment and are clear within 3 months. However, certain types of acne prove to be more stubborn and could possible take up to 4-6 months to be completely clear. 

What Will My Initial Visit Cost?

Your initial visit will consist of a careful examination of your skin and your first acne treatment. You will also be given a home care routine with home care products to use morning and night, to aid in clearing your skin. The estimated cost of this visit, including your home care products will be $230. 

How Often Will I Need to Be Seen for Treatments?

During the first 2-3 months, we will want to help aid your skin in the clearing process and make small adjustments to your home care routine every two weeks. For an acne treatment, this appointment will aid your skin in the clearing process and we will make an adjustment for your home care routine. For those on a budget, you can schedule a quick check-up appointment to analyze your skin. From there, we will adjust your routine and home care treatment if necessary to further aid in the your skin in the clearing process.